personal training rates virginiaA lot of people wonder why we don't publish our rates online.  

Since we train in multiple areas and work online with people all over the world, we offer many options and packages. If you are looking for prices, simply fill out our contact form and let us know. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

Here is a breakdown of average, estimated costs:

  • Single sessions range anywhere from $64 to $89 per hour, depending on the length of session, frequency, location, etc.
  • If you train with a friend, you and the friend each get to take 35% off the hourly rate.
  • If you get a group of two people to workout with you, each of you take 50% off the hourly rate.
  • Groups of four or more take 60% off the individual hourly rate.
  • Boot camps range in cost from $13 to $20, depending on the length of the class, type of workout and number of participants.
  • If you are out of state or just want to work with us online, we have countless options for you to reach your goals, ranging from $25 to $450 to fit every budget. Click the link above to contact us!