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Posted by FiscusFitness, LLC on October 25, 2016

Most people assume working out is expensive; in fact, it's one of the major objections to starting a regular program.

Your choices seem limited between paying monthly dues to a gym or hiring a trainer to help you in private.  But there is another alternative and it’s FREE—workout on your own.  There are thousands of free workouts on the internet, but not all of them translate well to your home.

So, we’ve created a guide of some alternatives to the most popular gym exercises. All you will need is a fitness ball and some space to complete all of them.

Each exercise lists the target muscle, which is the main muscle involved with movement.  However there are many other muscles that work during an exercise:

Synergist: A muscle that assists another muscle to accomplish a movement.

Stabilizer: A muscle that contracts with no significant movement to maintain a posture or fixate a joint.

Dynamic Stabilizer: Muscle that cross two joints that simultaneously shortens at the target joint and lengthens at the adjacent joint with no appreciable difference in length; Used mainly in compound movements.

Antagonist Stabilizer: A muscle that contracts to maintain the tension potential of a muscle that crosses two joints at the adjacent joint; Activated mostly during isolation movements.

The exercise we chose to replace the traditional gym exercise shares the target muscle in common, as well most of the stabilizer and synergist muscles.  And in some cases, the home exercise even works more muscles than the original exercise.

Click on each exercise for a video demonstration!


Gym Exercise: Barbell Back Squat

Target: Quadriceps

Substitute with: Bench Step Up (can be done on stairs)

Target: Quadriceps


Gym Exercise: Barbell Chest Press

Target: Pectoralis Major (Sternal)

Substitute with: Pushup

Target: Pectoralis Major (Sternal)


Gym Exercise: Hamstring Curl

Target: Hamstrings

Substitute with: Ball Hamstring Curl

Target: Hamstrings


Gym Exercise: Triceps Extension

Target: Triceps Brachii

Substitute with: Bench Dip (can be done on stairs)

Target: Triceps Brachii


Gym Exercise: Leg Extension

Target: Quadriceps

Substitute with: Bulgarian Lunge

Tarrget: Quadriceps


Gym Exercise: Lever Seated Crunch

Target: Rectus Abdominis

Substitute with: Plank

Target: Rectus Abdominis


There you go! A comprehensive, full body exercise right at work or at home. Now, with one less excuse, get started today on your new body and health.

Are there any other gym exercises that you'd love to replicate at home? Email us or leaving a comment on our Facebook page!



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Disclaimer: Always contact us if you are unsure about how to perform a movement. "Workout Wednesday" is a free service and you will not be charged. By attempting the workout above, you are assuming any and all risk that comes with exercising on your own, without trainer supervision. Always make sure you are cleared for exercise by your family physician.