Personal Training

Fiscus Fitness offers personal training both in the studio and in your home.

At the Studio:

This option is for clients who prefer the gym environment, need access to more space, or plan to lift heavier weights.  The studio is located in Ashburn, VA near the corner of Route 7 & Loudoun County Parkway.

If your health club allows outside personal trainers, we are more than happy to work with you there as well.

We also train clients in their community fitness center or apartment workout facility. 

In Your Home:

Not quite sure what to expect from in home personal training?

It’s just like training at the gym… but we come to you.   

You choose the time that’s convenient for you: whether before work, during the day, or after you return home in the evening.

You don’t need to worry about owning a lot of fancy equipment, because we bring it all with us.

Just think about it: you get a private one on one workout without having to join a gym or buy expensive fitness gear. 

No matter which option, you choose, we can train you anywhere from once a week to every day of the week.   If you’re worry about the cost, Fiscus Fitness offers competitive rates, reductions in price the more you train, and payment plans.

Besides, personal training is an investment in YOU.  Whether you want to gain muscle, lose weight, or increase flexibility… we can help you get there.